Hello there campers, I am still alive and looking like a fat tramp. Been busy on things and will be for a bit so that's why I am basically on radio silence for a bit longer yet. Will be back on this old thing again at some point later in the month. Carry… https://instagr.am/p/CMM-VYDHmCk/

No, cannot be bothered to blog about this issue today

If the issue is still live in a few days then, maybe

But it is a bit 'the boy who cried wolf' at the moment

There the UK goes again, threatening to break international law

Just sad really

@andihero And your budget? Right now, you may have an easier time getting hold of older intel chips than the New AMD, depending on how overboard you were planning to go. Older chips will be easier to source right now I suspect.

@ultrabrilliant Yep, pretty much this at present. I also expect if it all happens as stated, people will be going mad for a bit and I will just still stay out the way till they get it all out of their systems.

Played a few hours of Persona 5 Strikers yesterday on PC. So happy to see more Persona on PC and so far so good. Some hitching noticed and some FPS slowdown for no reason on the super beast but still enjoying it. #persona5strikers #pcgaming #nerdlife https://instagr.am/p/CLlvlQyHTqz/

Discovery of a new walking location which was nice and had a wee bit of space at this time.... Priceless. #morningwalk #bedfordpark #2020part2 #welcomechange https://instagr.am/p/CLjUNxwnZDm/

Mario was out of date so he needed updating.... I never thought I would write that sentence.... #legosupermario #nerdlife https://instagr.am/p/CLd76Rvnzbw/

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