@Capcom_UK @drinkrelaxplay @RE_Games @MegaMan @StreetFighter Thank you too, hope to see more of this sort of fun back there soon!

They also have MegaMan 11 on show here tonight.... A mini version of E3 this certainly is and less expensive and exhausting! https://t.co/hCmVhui7Ml

Aye....so I hate Horror games.... And yet I played the E3 demo tonight. Where do I begin? Well it's technically impressive, runs well, and is damned gory. Zombies are impossible to kill this time it seems and so they come back after you.

I basically ran… https://t.co/JJu75KS28a

Almost time for Residential eviling....2.... https://t.co/PMy4Hw8QVl

Ok, I really am starting to understand why people watch Anime..... They're just on drugs. #netflix https://t.co/yn3RKbyvma

Sometimes you have to love what people create which ends up on Netflix..... Sorry but a microwave that sends text messages through time... Did they get that from Argos? #canihavewhatevertheyaresmoking #netflix https://t.co/dZ1hcbbeZK

The fucking audacity. You were all literally told this would happen years ago, you planks. The bullshit surprise that there are consequences to your decisions are getting tedious as shit.

Today was not pay day. Today was money transfer day where money transfers into your bank account and then back out again immediately for bills. You are left with then with £3.50 and then wait desperately for the next money transfer day.... Happy days!

@drinkrelaxplay @RE_Games @Capcom_UK @ImKatastrophe Yes! Awesomeness level has increased! See you tonight!

Oceans 8, meet Paul's yawn. Mini meh is live on https://t.co/FOS6KAMehE for the latest in the Oceans franchise..... #oceans8 #minimeh #review https://t.co/DUrABkGvJ9

I'm now streaming / vodcasting on https://t.co/lz42MlHtrb! Playing Prey #twitch #livestream

@GennaBain @CoxConOfficial @Totalbiscuit Go be among friends at coxcon, and have fun. That's all I can say!

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