Amazing how fast ⁦@jeremycorbyn⁩ can act when miffed. The party has decided that if in government it would probably legislate to make it easier for constituents to force by-elections when an MP defects.

Time for some Lego fun before lapsing into the daily coma.... #reallife #keepitreal #lego

#keepitreal #reallife and here's what I did today too.... Bought an iron. And took paracetamol. Fucking hell, I can barely contain myself!

There you go campers, because reality rarely features on social media, here's what I did yesterday.... This is what people really do with their time, not constantly sking round the world while drinking gin! #real #keepitreal

@Jam_sponge Sadly mate, I know what you mean, I needed them too for a couple of years and trying to stay off them at the moment, but they really did help and I felt much more like me with them. No shame in doing what you're doing, and please be happy mate. All the best.

@drinkrelaxplay @devolverdigital Can I come and play? I can bring some cake if bribery is required?

Seriously, I don't know what it is but right now I feel like the embodiment of a wet sock mauled by a dog.

@IanDunt Do you reckon it's too late for this to mean anything regarding Brexit and , current political debacle?

What a lovely restaurant / barge they have here...

Look everyone, there's a game on the telly.... Oh it's Overwatch, never mind.... 😂

@XboxGamePass @terrycrews Terry, I wish there were many things you could announce in life, damn myself if I cannot not help but smile and laugh whenever I see you do this!

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