It's 2020 Part 2 and I have rediscovered the old Addams Family TV series from the 1960s. Used to watch it on BBC 2 growing up in the 90s as reruns! What's more? MGM put a number of them on YouTube for free! #addamsfamily #nostalgia #oldschool

@OhGodWhatNowPod What will it take for the penny to drop for everyone though at this point? Evidence it seems, isn't enough. Hell, look at how Nissan is being shown to all right now....

@smthngnope @Otto_English Sadly I can see where you're coming from, given the amount of lies we have had to endure for so long. I sincerely hope it's not the case, but can't be ruled out.

@Otto_English Granted I know it's not a great example considering chocolate is made in the UK, but there are just some things other countries do better.

Well, that speech by President Biden had a couple of stutters but just the difference.... Wow. It was actually beyond good and very much needed. It's almost like he's not a complete asshole like the previous president is. #USInauguration

Does anyone else miss light gun games in the light of us having flat screens? I do.... I would love to revisit House of the Dead with a light gun at home. Imagine that, remastered for modern systems with a light gun that works on current TVs. #Nostalgia #lightgun #houseofthedead

@IanDunt It's either denial for just the fact they want to carry on doing whatever they did before and don't give a shit or denying it for the sheer terror that would come with said realisation that they may not be able to cope with. Only things which make any sense at all to me on this.

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