@MYZRoadToEden Bought the game last night and yeah, very happy with it. Will there be more story coming as DLC or an full expansion?

@mrjamesob @RoryStewartUK I also have to ask; if MPs can't agree on anything now, what makes anyone think they would be able to arrive at what kind of policies or country we want either? We only have one life and apparently it will be decades before we decide that too?

@mrjamesob @RoryStewartUK An excellent interview, just a shame that they are so rare. Was indeed thoughtful, but what a conclusion to reach that the only way out is to ensure that everyone is unhappy and we still cause ourselves harm in one form or another.

Out again? What kind of madness is this? #christmascarol https://t.co/4plDFGXjEo

@Marosa1 Yes and I look forward to seeing what the people think they can do next that won't be an absolute failure.

@Marosa1 Lmfao, someone who believes in the policy.... Does anyone with eyes and ears believe in any of this now is good?

Isn’t @theresa_may giving Remainer Conservative MPs a good reason to vote her out tonight with talk of how new leader couldn’t be elected in time so Art 50 would have to be withdrawn #brexit #chaos so #nobrexit

Given all the news ongoing with the shitshow that is #brexit, may I recommend that we all buy even more popcorn? Maybe something sweet as there's plenty of salt around already. Anyone want to guess as to what fresh hell comes next?

Tonight, will I be wishing once upon a Deadpool? The answer may surprise you.... https://t.co/ptw6wQhvi1

This just happened in Parliament.... I must be on a lot of heroin.... But has #brexit turn into a bad porno? Seriously, I just collapsed with laughter at this! https://t.co/JNYaanaoNW

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