5 quid for just the Persona music let alone Joker in Super Smash Bros was worth it considering its not really available easily in the west.... Now if Persona 5 was to be released on PC or Switch, we would really be talking! #persona5 #supersmashbrosultim… https://t.co/Y2GY3njk1x

Is it weird that I think one of the best bits of Super Smash Bros on Switch is not the actual game but the sheer volume of soundtrack music from different games you can just make a playlist of and then play on loop? #switch #supersmashbrosultimate https://t.co/98s4zX7inP

Well, the website looks slightly less rubbish but will need much more work in the long run. It's what you get for not truly caring about it for too long. A website is not just for Christmas folks..... #webdesign #rubbish https://t.co/3JHujyuXAe

What better thing to do on a Friday afternoon than go to the pub with your laptop, have a pint and pretend you're doing something? Exactly, buff said. https://t.co/X8G8xueQq1

Well campers, it's time to see what the fuss is about at the refurbished Odean LUXE cinema at Leicester Square and see if it would in fact be worth the inflated prices that come with recliner seats. Shazam will see us through the experience today.... #sh… https://t.co/Lhc9aKIOOY

Never realised actually how badly Zool ran on the Amiga CD32 till tonight, the slowdown was really a kicker to a hard but fun platformer... #powerup #zool #cd32 https://t.co/SX1wodoreR

May 1st we'll be teaming up with @2K_UK to open early & throw a watch party for the #Borderlands3 game play reveal.

There'll be cocktails, consoles, competitions, claptrap & things that don't begin with C

Register for free: https://t.co/Li4PVhHJi8

Voidu's #Easter #Giveaway continues🎉
Today's theme is #Fighting games 👊

To participate:
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➡ Vote for the game you want

The winner will be announced tomorrow 🎁

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