Update in 2023: Given how things have been and all the other meh ongoing, it’s been rare / non existent that I’ve been doing any livestreaming at all. In fact, methinks it’s time to update the whole site, considering that Mixer now hasn’t existed for…. how long?

Believe me, one day I will finally get around to writing about everything that’s happened during the past few years, like what happened during the COVID-19 pandemic or perhaps do a video of it all. But for the time being, I will not be livestreaming. When some form of service will resume, be assured I will be posting.

Saying that, I will have to get back to posting on here more and more for a change, so when blog posts start coming back more regularly, it’s safe to assume that livestreaming will also be coming too.

Now then, let’s speak of what things used to be like. Being the Lord of Leisure, it had behoved me not to show how leisurely I am, which as it stands, I’m not showing anything so you will just have to take my word for it for now! But as and when I do broadcast here you can behold the video portals of which you can view my lazy-ass glory!

Over on Twitch, you can join me for the occasional car crash of a gaming stream via the link above or the video window below…..

The next scheduled livestreams, we tend to announce as and when we feel like it (or in the real world, actually around to be able to livestream) on the twitter page, and of course when we can update this page too.

Check on Twitter (@lordofleisure) when I start broadcasting etc or indeed hang around this page as the livestreams are visible here too via the embedded players.

You can even join the discussion of various things of import via Discord; https://discord.gg/WRhVevK

But Paul, I hear you cry with tears of joy and anger, what if I can’t be arsed to turn up when you livestream?

Well fear not, if you miss out on the livestreams and Twitch has got rid of them on the channel, then more than likely you will be able to see for yourself with the uploads onto the YouTube Channel;

YouTube Channel Link

The YouTube channel is currently mainly for new offline recorded content for the Gaming Car Crash at full 1080p resolution running at 60 frames per second (where possible) of games which deserve to be seen in full quality while also allowing you to cringe over terrible commentary coming at you in full stereo too. More recently, there’s been “Not My Front Room” where I talk at you from somewhere which is not my front room. Finally, I stand around in cinemas giving a little first impressions of what happened after watching a film or 7. Not entirely original I grant you on the Internet these days, but what is?

While not ever likely to win an Oscar, you have to admit, it’s still more entertaining than picking out your nose hairs with a pair of spoons.

Here are some of the playlists we have on the channel at the moment;

First of all, the “Not My Front Room” video log series where I occasionally wander out from my front room into the world

Then there are the videos which make up the gaming series I sometimes create; The Gaming Car Crash.

Here’s where my “Aftermath” series can be found where I give my initial impressions about films, just after leaving a cinema….

And finally, it’s a playlist called “And Finally….” which I chuck in various things which don’t really fit anywhere……