I suppose an explanation is in order here before any further merriment….

In the before times, in the long long ago, the “Social Medias” were all the latest trend with young hot, up and with-it homies who hung out on the west side. This encompassed quite a few services, starting with the likes of MySpace (which believe or not in 2023 still exists! Seriously, it’s right here: Featured Content on Myspace). MySpace was here before various other services like Facebook, Twitter and the Instagram came along to really speed up people’s depression around the world. Before you knew it, you had to compare yourself to everyone else and be miserable! Hooray!

The bonus side of all this rubbish is you don’t actually have to think about writing actual material which could cause people to think or write swear words in comment boxes afterwards. That’s so last year girlfriend….or whatever. Then again, with all the rage boiling over these days on the internet and in real life, we are beyond the point where people will curse the world over a cute puppy picture.

So as you can imagine gentle reader, much treachery has occurred over the years. The way things are going, a lot of these services may well end up closing down or being scaled back to “Who knows what?”

In the case of Twitter (now X until that doesn’t work out either), that whole service is being completely screwed over by its new owner who also lost it a lot of money in an incredibly short amount of time due to his “genius”, which will never cease to be fantastically funny! Hey everyone, want to know how to take a well known brand and flush it down the toilet? Here’s how!

So after that little interlude remarking on the state of the medias of being social, what’s left that’s used here still by the Lord of Leisure?

You can see just the Instagram feed now below and even now, heaven help us if we’re not in on the “latest” things which in turn also can use anything they wish for marketing purposes! That is, when something is posted of course. Also…. what’s the latest thing any more? Haven’t a clue.

So enjoy 20 of the latest images from the “gram” below for your dining and dancing pleasure. Failing that, should this not be enough, you can always just click the link to the right of this here text: Paul Hughes (@thelordofleisure) • Instagram photos and videos